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  • Book Cover mit magnetischem Verschluss
  • Kunstlederoberfläche für ein elegantes Aussehen
  • Praktische Standfunktion für bequemes Telefonieren und Ansehen von Inhalten
  • RFID- & NFC-Sperre verhindert unbefugtes Scannen von kontaktlosen Karten
  • 4 praktische abgedeckte Kartenhalterfächer für die Aufbewahrung von Karten
  • Antibakterielle Microban-Technologie tötet bis zu 99,9% des Bakterienwachstums auf der Oberfläche der Tasche ab
  • Recyceltes Material für eine umweltfreundliche Wahl
  • Passt perfekt zum Apple iPhone 13

Vorteile und Nachteile

  • Vorteil_1: Unique book-style design
  • Vorteil_2: High-quality material with scratch and knock protection
  • Vorteil_3: Made from recycled materials
  • Nachteil_1: Only available in one color
  • Nachteil_2: Might be bulky for some users


The Cellularline Booklet for Apple iPhone 13 in black is a functional and stylish case designed especially for the Apple iPhone 13. With a magnetic lock and a faux leather surface, it not only shields your phone but also incorporates handy features like a stand and slots for cardholders.

Design and Material

The Cellularline Booklet for Apple iPhone 13 in black stands out with its sleek and classy design. The book-style gives it a unique look and the black faux leather lend the case a plush touch. The material feels of good quality and offers good protection against scratches and knocks. Additionally, the case is made from recycled materials which is a bonus for environmentally conscious users.
  • Unique book-style design
  • High-quality material with scratch and knock protection
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Only available in one color
  • Might be bulky for some users


The Cellularline Booklet packs a good selection of features to enhance your use of iPhone 13. The magnetic lock makes sure that the cover stays secured, keeping your phone safe within. You can easily take calls or watch videos without needing to hold the case, thanks to the stand feature. Its covered cardholder slots are also a highlight, conveniently storing cards so they don’t accidentally fall out or get scanned by unauthorized users.
Advanced Features
Above all, the Cellularline Booklet Apple iPhone 13 Schwarz sets new standards with its high-quality and durable material that ensures optimum protection against scratches and shocks. Even minor falls cannot harm your device due to its robust nature. Furthermore, the booklet has a simple, yet stylish design with easy access to all buttons and ports, making it practical and user-friendly. Its slim design does not add extra bulk to your device, maintaining the sleek profile of your iPhone 13. The case also features a handy card holder on the inside, allowing you to conveniently carry your most important cards with you at all times. Lastly, it incorporates innovative auto wake/sleep function. This unique feature not only adds to the user's convenience but also conserves battery life.

User-friendliness & Installation

The Cellularline Booklet for iPhone 13 is simple and straightforward to install. With perfect fits for all ports and buttons, and slots for your most-used cards, it’s user-friendly. The stand is easy to activate, letting you position your phone at the perfect viewing angle. The case also provides easy access to your cards and keeps the case hygienic thanks to its antibacterial Microban technology.

Final Verdict

Cellularline Booklet for Apple iPhone 13 in black is a great choice for iPhone 13 owners who are looking for both functionality and aesthetics in a phone case. With its sleek design, faux leather finish, practical features like cardholders and stand function, it provides not just protection, but user convenience. The integration of the active antibacterial Microban technology also ensures it stays hygienic. Overall, this case is a recommended option for those looking to protect their iPhone 13 in style.


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Anwendung der Cellularline Booklet Apple iPhone 13 Schwarz Hülle

Eine Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung zur Installation und Nutzung der Cellularline Booklet Apple iPhone 13 Schwarz Tasche.

Installation des Cellularline Booklet

Platzieren Sie Ihr iPhone 13 in das Cellularline Booklet, sodass es gut befestigt ist und Sie Zugang zu allen Anschlüssen und Tasten haben.

Karten in den Halter einsetzen

Nutzen Sie die abgedeckten Kartenhalterfächer, um Ihre Kreditkarten oder Ausweise sicher zu verstauen.

Nutzen der Standfunktion

Aktivieren Sie die Standfunktion, um Ihr Telefon in einem optimalen Blickwinkel zu platzieren, ideal für Telefonate oder zum Ansehen von Videos.

Cellularline Booklet Apple iPhone 13 Schwarz

Eine funktionelle und elegante Tasche im Buchformat für das Apple iPhone 13, die neben Schutz auch praktische Funktionen wie eine Standfunktion und abgedeckte Kartenhalterfächer bietet.

Apple iPhone 13

Das Smartphone, für das das Cellularline Booklet speziell entwickelt wurde.

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