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(37-75 cm, 76-100 cm, 101-135 cm)
(Aluminium, Carbon)
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(bis 2 kg, 2-5 kg, über 5 kg)
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(Schwarz, Silber, Blau)
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Set up and use the Cullmann Tripod

This guide will walk you through the steps of setting up and effectively using the Cullmann Tripod.

Unpack the Tripod

Remove the Cullmann Tripod from its carrying bag and make sure all parts are present: tripod, removable monopod, and rotating column hook.

Set Up the Tripod

Expand the tripod legs to your desired height and secure them in place with the twist-locking mechanism. Make sure to check the stability of the tripod on your preferred surface.

Attach Your Camera

Attach your camera to the tripod's ball head. Ensure the camera is securely fastened before adjusting the composition of your shot.

Using the Monopod and Column Hook

For more flexibility, remove the monopod from the tripod. The column hook can be used to add extra weight for stability, especially useful in windy conditions.

Cullmann Tripod

A sturdy and flexible tripod, ideal for both studio and outdoor photography. Includes a rotating column hook, twist-lock legs, and a removable monopod.


Any camera that can be mounted on a tripod. Ensure the tripod's head is compatible with your camera's mounting system.

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